Cryo Derm Facial

The Cryo Derm Facial is the ultimate anti-aging treatment combines Diamond Aqua Dermabrasion, Endodermo Vacuum Therapy, Radio Frequency and the Cryo Therapy.

Duration: 1 hour
Price: £400 (Discount of 10% on courses of six)

What are the benefits of each procedure?

  • Aqua Dermabrasion exfoliates and removes dead skin cells removing imperfections.
  • Vacuum Lymphatic Drainage removes toxins and improves blood circulation.
  • Radio Frequency works by generating a high-frequency electric field between the applicator and reference electrode. This produces thermal effect allowing even and painless deep heating in the dermis causing vasodilatation, which activates both fibroblasts and the production of new collagen improving muscle and skin tone.
  • Cryo Therapy has cooling affects biochemical and physiochemical processes by first slowing them down then speeding them up significantly. Tissue cooling increases the amount of neurotransmitters in the nerve fibres, thus speeding up the metabolism and enzymatic cellular processes.
  • Over-All Results: A firmer, smoother and a more hydrated plumper skin with increased muscle tone, leaving the skin glowing and youthful looking!

What areas can be treated?

With the Cryo Derm Prestige you can work on the entire face: forehead, around eye area, jaw line, jowls and neck.

How many treatments are required?

It is recommended to do a course of six treatments (lasting an hour and fifth-teen minutes per treatment) at a two to three week intervals and followed up by maintenance of a treatment of every four months.

Are the results immediate or long term?

Immediate results are visible from the first treatment, followed by long term improvement through the production of new collagen overtime. Results can continue for up to six months after treatment.

Who is suitable for Cryo Derm Prestige treatment?

Cryo Derm Prestige is suitable for all skin types and tones. There are few medical conditions such as pregnancy and skin cancer which are contra-indicated.

Can I expect any side effects?

There are generally no side-effects or downtime with Cryo Derm Prestige and normal activities can be resumed immediately. There is no special follow up care.

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