Fashion Designer

“For the Rolls Royce of facials, visit Rani Mirza in Knightsbridge in my opinion she’s the best in town”



“I have been a client of Rani Mirza since 2001. I first met Rani when I was Beauty Director of Eve magazine. I went to have a facial with her with a view to writing about it if I thought it was good. It certainly was! Over the past fifteen years as a beauty and health journalist I have been sent to numerous salons both in the UK and around the world. I have had many facials and body treatments. Yet the fact that I CHOOSE to have a facial every six weeks with Rani shows the breadth of her talent. Rani truly has ‘healing hands’. She must be fed up of me saying that to her now. But it is true. I often suffer from stress and therefore skin breakouts. She clears them up and then off I go to be a beauty journalist with perfect skin – this is obviously very crucial in my line of work! Not only is she great at what she does but she has a way of being a facialist, counsellor and friend all rolled into one. I am not sure how she does that for her many clients and I suspect she doesn’t get much time to look after herself! I know that many celebrities like Madonna, Danii Minogue, Anna Friel, Naomi Campbell and many, many more have experienced the Rani ‘healing hands’ Mirza treatment. But she is unfazed by the celebrity world as she ever was. Half the time she has to ask me who someone is and what they do…I can’t recommend Rani enough and do remember that I can go elsewhere and get my facials for free all over London and I don’t…I think that says it all.”


Beauty Editor - You Magazine, Daily Mail

“Rani is a true magician and I rely upon her completely to make my skin look radiant and my spirit feel exuberant. She is truly gifted and I always come away from a facial with a renewed spring in my step.”



“Thank you, Rani for renewing and giving me fresh skin every time.”



“Rani is truly amazing. She makes my skin glow and has a magic touch. Thanks for making my skin shine.”


Actress and Singer

“I was never a big fan of facials, until I tried Rani’s Red Carpet Treatment, and my skin was glowing for days. With her gentle touch, and vast experience, you can’t go wrong. She is definitely at the top of her game.”


Singer - Girls Aloud

“A red carpet facial from Rani is a must – I float out of the salon feeling refreshed and glowing. Rani rocks!”


Actress and Singer

“A wonderful way to relax. The facial is excellent, Rani has magic hands.”


Singer - All Saint's

“Rani is truly amazing. I have put my full trust in her to sort my dodgy face and cant wait to go back. Thank goodness for Rani!”


Model - Singer

“An hour with Rani feels like a two weeks holiday. She is a joy and my skin is better than ever.”



“Rani has the magic touch. Not only does she do wonders for my skin, Her red carpet facial is an escape from the outside world!”



“I have had regular facials for the past five years. I would not hesitate to recommend this as the best facial that I have ever had – anywhere.”


TV Presenter and Entertainer

“Rani has been my saviour – and 36 not the youngest telly-gun anymore + had been noticing my skin had been congested, saggy and tired and she has performed facial miracles. After my treatments my face looks vibrant + younger + firmer, I’ve been complimented all over the shop! Felt confident and sexy again at work on the telly. Big love- go on treat youself with Rani.”



“My skin feels like it glowing after i’ve had a facial with Rani, not to mention my spirit!”



“Since I began seeing Rani for facials, not only has my skin been smoother, softer and clearer than ever before, my eyebrows have never been so well-maintained! Thank you Rani!”


Hollywood Actress

“Accommodating, relaxing, professional and lovely, Rani is a trust with my face. Her deft soft hands will work magic into your skin. Jet lag be gone!”


TV Presenter

“I was introduced to the wonders of a Rani Mirza facial by my neighbour and have gone from someone who rarely had any sort of beauty treatment to being something of an addict. I’ve had my eyebrows sorted out so they don’t look like a couple of caterpillars any more, my eyelashes dyed, and even premed hilarious – I’ve been waxed and massaged and generally turned from a farm-hand into something rather more feminine. Rani is patient, kind and an absolute perfectionist. Don’t expect to leave her little salon looking anything less than perfect.”


Owner of 'White Orchid' Co.

“Rani is in a different league of therapists as she is clearly dedicated to providing exceptional services. Her facials are like none other, cleansing, relaxing and thorough. She listens to your needs and preferences and always makes the facial experience feel special. Her salon is perfect, soothing and Rani and her team makes you feel truly welcomed. After having been a devotee for 5 years, my only reluctance in writing this review is that I might be giving up one London’s best kept secrets!”


Award Winning Manicurist

“Sharing your client list with a fellow beauty expert is a matter of trust and belief…that that person can deliver if you refer your precious customer to them. Rani can – she gives absolute devotion, continuity and warmth each and every session. I’ve personally felt as if she has healing hands as I always leave calm and refreshed. First impression count! The first thing a person see s when meeting you for the first time is your face and I trust her with mine That’s why I have no hesitation in sharing Rani’s gift with my clients and friends!”


Jewellery Designer

“Rani has done an amazing job on my skin and has always been very professional. She has a wonderful understanding of the beauty industry and a great way with people too. I am very happy with the way my skin looks and feels, and with the products that she uses. She is fabulous!”


Columnist and Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair

“Before I met Rani I only believed in Botox, but after just one facial with her I was converted to her magic hands. Unlike many facialists Rani doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve been beaten up. She just makes you look like a better, younger, cleaner version of yourself.”



“I first started seeing Rani in 2004 the run up to my wedding. I had previously had a number of facials elsewhere but had never really seen or felt any improvement in my skin…that was before I met Rani! Rani is the best facialist I have ever visited and monthly visits to her for a facial are a must. I challenge anyone who visits her not to agree! She has such fantastic hands and she always manages to work her magic on you. Since I got married I have continued to visit Rani as she is too wonderful to give up! The other therapists who work at the salon are great also, I have had fabulous massages and chocolate wraps there also. I have recommended Rani to many of my friends, and every one of those who have visited her have since become regulars of Rani’s – she really is that good!”