Treatment Duration Price
Lip 10 mins £10
Eyebrow shape 20 mins £25
Face (inc. eyebrows) 40 mins £65

Eyelash Tinting

Treatment Duration Price
Eyelash tinting 20 mins £20
Eyebrow tinting 10 mins £15

Eyelashes tinted in shades of your choice, giving you an option of going mascara free with our expertise your eyes will feel no irritation.

Aroma-Luxe Massage

Treatment Duration Price
Aroma-Luxe massage 1 hour £125
Aroma-Luxe massage 30 mins £65

This marvellous relaxing treatment frees your body from stress replacing it with a soothing calm. For one hour, you will be massaged from head to toe, energised or relaxed according to your needs, in a balancing atmosphere full of essential oils of lavender, basilic, verbena, and more.

Hot Stone Massage

Treatment Duration Price
Hot stone massage 1 hour £150

A truly relaxing treatment using hot stones of varying sizes on parts of the body, giving a deep massage and creating a sensation of warmth and comfort. The heat of the stones feels great and wholly therapeutic- helping the body to detox and relaxing the nervous system.


Treatment Duration Price
Electrolysis – short 10 mins £14
Electrolysis 20 mins £20
Skin tags 10 mins £45