Fontaine de Jouvence

This exceptional facial is designed with a combination of Yonka – a brand of luxury active products – and state-of-art aesthetic tech, to guarantee clinical-grade results without the downtime.

Think: resurfacing peels and microdermabrasion, an aromatic steam with a heavenly eye massage using quartz probes, followed by gentle but thorough extractions and a regenerating micro-peel. Then comes the real indulgence — an invigorating therapeutic massage with sensual serums and creams to not only hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin but also stimulate the lymphatic system, removing any build-up of toxins.

This is followed by contour-refining cryo-derm and collagen-stimulating radio frequency, all tailored to your skin. The finale is an intense collagen marine mask that will leave your skin feeling as smooth as silk.

The overall results will amaze you — minimised pores, a smooth clearer complexion; tighter, firmer and more lifted contours, bringing back the youthful bounce and plumpness to your skin.

This facial is an experience of complete rejuvenation – as if you have stepped into the ‘Fontaine de Jouvence’ (fountain of youth).

Duration: 2 hours
Price: £550